About Us

KerrWerx, LLC is a woman-owned Small Business comprised entirely of the wife/husband team of Diane Kerr and Gibson (Gib) Kerr. We have spent most of our professional careers working with teams and helping them succeed in the worlds of education, government organizations and private enterprises.

Diane is a retired Elementary School Assistant Principal, with a Master’s Degree in Teaching, as well as an E.D.S degree. She is a published author and an award winning practitioner of the Professional Learning Communities at Work process. She fervently believes (and has demonstrated through her work with schools around the country) that ALL children can succeed in school and in life, even those who are the most disadvantaged. Her specialty is using the PLC at Work Process with its emphasis on true collaboration in teaching to help all students learn, including those who are emergent bilinguals, English Learners.

Gib is a retired Navy Captain, who has also served as the General Manager and Chief Operations Officer of a high tech company, and as an Executive in the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, before becoming an independent consultant, he was a Professor of Executive Acquisition Management at the Defense Systems Management College. His specialty is delivering what he calls “essential skills” (aka “soft skills”) training to senior individuals and their teams. His emphasis has always been on ensuring that training provides tools that folks immediately apply, and detests training for training’s sake. Having worked with teams for over 40 years, he is a skilled facilitator and a Master Trainer in a number of different tools and disciplines.